Virginia Coalition. December 17 2011. 9:30 Club, Washington DC. These guys are super great hometown dudes, and added a horn section for this concert which was all sorts of awesome. Played a couple of sections that turned into covers. James Taylor “Copperline”(16:13) and some classic Jackson 5 (@22:40). My last note is that it was great to see Steve former member of the band back in the saddle with the rest of the crew. He is the one with no shoes on. Bravo gentlemen.

Ray LaMontagne just recently did a stint on VH1 storytellers that was amazing, and certainly worth your time. Nicest dude ever. For reals. He loves his wife (who he met at 8 years old) and his life.

I really got into Keaton Simons in my sophmore year of college. I had listened to him on and off and then in 2005, when I heard Exes & Whys, I was officially on board. First of all, the album is 26 tracks! Gotta love over achievers. This song “Joseph” is off of that album, which is full of great tunes. If you need more Keaton, try “Nobody Knows,” he made a video for it with Kyle Gass (the other guy in Tenacious D). As with most acts these days, you need to see him live. Stuff out of the studio pales in comparison.

Here is a older track that has seen lots of popularity many years after it’s release. If you have seen Garden State, you know this tune. “One of These Things First” was on Nick Drake’s 1970 release Bryter Layter. Side one, track four. That just sounds cool.

My youngest sister is off on Semester at Sea, and I wanted to put something up that reminded me of my time out on the open ocean. Van Morrison and his team of lawyers have done a great job of keeping live recordings from the internet, so this is the album version. Off of the classic 1970 release Moondance ,it was originally titled ‘Into the Misty’ with slightly different lyrics only to be changed weeks before going into the studio. This boy from Belfast can really play.

2002 The Year of the Mountain Goats

2002 was a huge year for John Darnielle and his music.  He may not know it, but it was a good year.  For me, it was around the time that a good friend gave me a Mountain Goats mixtape. For Darnielle, it was the first time he began recording some of his albums sans the lo-fi sound that he had used on all of his recordings over the previous decade. There are a ton of fantastic Mountain Goats albums, but this playlist is only stuff released in 2002. This is the first of a many Mountain Goats lists so keep your pants on, we will get to the classic Mountain Goats sound soon.  For now, I give you 12 tracks off of the albums Johnny D released in 2002.

This playlist has tracks from the following Goats albums: Devil in the Shortwave, Ghana, Tallahassee, See America Right, and All Hail West Texas.

A few for fun.

Here is the before promised snippet of fun. All of the songs are off their only studio album Aim and Ignite. Quick backstory for the band: formed by Nate Ruess after his band, The Format, split in early 2008. Nate called Jack Antonoff (of Steel Train) and Andrew Dost both of whom he had played/toured with previously to form the nucleus of fun. I was able to see them recently at the 930 club in DC, and it was one of the best shows I have ever been to. The energy in that place was amazing.

fun. live in a window. “At least I’m Not as Sad as I Used to Be” is the track off their first album Aim and Ignite. I will muster a small play list of highlights off that album shortly.

Van Morrison playing “Caravan” with The Band on The Last Waltz. Simply one of the best recordings of all time.  Blaring horns and leg kicks to boot.